How to Track Your Stolen Laptop

Can’t find your laptop or suspect it was stolen? With the help of these tips, not everything may be lost. Here will we show you how to track your stolen laptop or at least help you protect you next laptop.  So many cheap laptops and expensive devices are stolen every day, try not to become a victim.

You may feel like you are taking good care of your laptop, but sometimes disasters occur. If you misplace your device or it is stolen, it can feel like the end of the world.

Losing your laptop is more than just losing a device, as laptops these days contain sensitive information and data that is important to us. It can be very dangerous if someone uses your confidential information for malicious purposes.

Your laptop is probably second behind your phone in terms of the personal information you have stored on your phone. Read here what to do if your laptop suffers the same fate.

What to do if my laptop is stolen?

Some of the ideas below can help you find your lost device, but it is strongly recommended that you engage more than face the police yourself to combat the thief.

The location provided by the tracking service is approximate, so you cannot know exactly which door to hit. In addition, the fact that thieves have already proven that they are not strictly compliant with the law makes it unclear what will happen if they are challenged.

What Is Laptop Tracking Software?

Anti-theft application is designed to track laptop location so that local law enforcement can get the laptop. For laptop tracking to work, you must install and enable the application before stealing the laptop. The software runs in the background and is unknown to thieves. However, the laptop must be connected to the Internet before the software updates the computer location (that is, the thief must be online).

Some tracking and recovery applications can be avoided by formatting the hard drive. Other laptop recovery applications are hard to remove because they are embedded in the computer’s BIOS (firmware).

Laptop Tracking Security Concerns

Location-based tracking services continuously notify the central server of the location of laptops and expose many privacy concerns. That’s where laptop tracking software comes in.

How to Catch a Thief Using Laptop Tracking Software

If your laptop is stolen before installing the recovery tool, everything is not lost. If you are using remote access software such as Norton Anti-theft, PreyProject, GoToMyPc, LogmeIn, or SharedView, connect to the stolen computer remotely and use a webcam or other clues (open application information, network settings Detect the location using the identity of the thief).

How to Prevent Laptop Theft

Tracking and recovery software increases the likelihood of recovering your laptop if your laptop is stolen, but it does not actually prevent theft and does not prevent thieves from accessing data on your computer. Cable locks and alarms can prevent physical theft, and encryption software such as VeraCrypt can protect access to sensitive information. You should also follow computer security best practices, such as not storing sensitive information on portable devices unless absolutely necessary.

Laptop Tracking and Recovery Applications

One of the popular laptop search solutions is Absolute Home & Office. It not only tracks your laptop via GPS or Wi-Fi but can also remotely delete data from your hard drive.

For Apple users, Oribicule Undercover protects MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones with a built-in camera that can capture screenshots from stolen Apple devices. Only the individual owner has a password that can start monitoring the device.

There are many free and premium applications that work globally on most operating systems.

1.   Norton Anti-Theft

Norton Anti-Theft finds and blocks your laptop easily and quickly, so there is no potential for information leakage. Browse from anywhere in case your laptop is stolen. It tracks the location of your laptop, owns it and locks it remotely.

There is another interesting feature. This is a snapshot of the story of the person in front of the device and sends/saves it to the Norton Anti-Theft website for tracking theft.

Also, customize the message to contact the person who owns the device.

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2.  PreyProject

This is multi-platform software supported on Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and Android. The location information helps you determine the location of the device. Firstly you need to download the software.

After downloading the program, you need to create a Prey account, log in to your account and register your device/laptop with that account for remote access. Users can log in to their account, mark the laptop as lost, and find it from the control panel. It also has the ability to lock your laptop’s hard disk so that no one can access your personal data.

There are Basic, Personal, Home and Business versions from $ 5 to $ 15 per subscription per month.


3.   LockItTight

With LockItTight, you can accurately track your lost or stolen laptop or mobile.

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There are client applications for laptop and web-based UI. Users can log in to their account through a browser. There is a Google Maps UI. There are free, standard and premium versions. You can choose whatever suits your needs best.

LockItTight sends reports in the encrypted text on registered devices and sends them to a central server. Then you can easily determine the exact location of your laptop via Google Maps.

4.   EXO5

This is a laptop locator tool. You must register yourself to use it. The annual fee is $ 499. Retrieving the stolen laptop is not a big deal.

Track your laptop efficiently. Equipped with Wi-Fi triangulation technology and Google Maps UI. There is a Remotekill option for data encryption. This feature allows users to lock their hard disks so that no one can access your information and data. This lock can be undone when you undo your laptop.

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5.   My Laptop Tracker

This is basically Windows OS only, but the developer also offers MyMacTracker for Mac users. This helps you find and track your devices effectively. You don’t have to worry about a stolen device because the software can reclaim all stolen laptops.

Download My Laptop Tracker from here

Track your laptop via IP address and Web Portal includes a data retrieval option. The software also has a hardware blocking option to prevent others from accessing the hard disk.

My Laptop tracker team says

“In case you find any anti-theft software that performs better than My Device Tracker, please send us bill details of that software. We’ll refund the complete amount you paid for My Device Tracker.”

According to their statement, this program is very powerful and has the ability to easily track devices.

All of these are the best anti-theft tracking tools for your device. We hope this article has given you a clear understanding of the tools you use to track your system. Do you use tracking software on your laptop?

6.   PC Phone Home

It is very simple and easy to use. Track missing laptops.

Download PC Phone Home from here

When downloading and opening and setting up the environment. Ask for an email address to receive emails about device location. If you are connected to the Internet, each time you open the program, you will receive an email at the email address you entered for your laptop location.

7.   XTool Laptop Tracker

A unique feature of the XTool Laptop Tracker is the camera function. Due to increased bandwidth availability and the demand for more personalized contacts, laptops with built-in cameras are now increasing. XTool Laptop Tracker has the ability to detect cameras connected to laptops, take snapshots of unauthorized users and relay them to the XTool Monitoring Center. According to statistics, about 90% of laptop thefts are committed by insiders (friends, employees, colleagues, etc.), so photos of abuse not only quickly lead to the location of the thief, but also Can also be used as evidence Sold to third parties!

XTool Laptop Tracker is a service designed to find and recover lost or stolen laptops. The XTool Laptop Tracker service is a smart agent designed to collect and send important information needed to locate a lost or stolen device and/or to identify unauthorized users in case of theft Use the.

  • GPS location detection
  • Gurantee Recovery or else Xtool will compensate your lost
  • Laptop Camera Information, snap a pic of the theft
  • Wifi Connection Information

8.   Inspire Trace

Inspice Trace is a laptop tracking and remote data destruction software. Security software emails the exact location of the laptop. In addition, you can irrecoverably destroy sensitive data on your laptop and protect it from unauthorized access.


  • Accurate and worldwide tracking.
  • Tamper-proof.
  • Destroy data in stolen computer.

9.   Pombo

Pombo can help you recover your computer if it is stolen. Works on Windows, GNU / Linux, and Mac OSX. How does it work? Pombo runs invisibly in the background, hides and sends tracking information to the selected web server. If your computer is stolen, log in to the web server, get the latest file uploaded by Pombo, decrypt it and give it to the police. Everything you need to catch a thief, including your IP address, date/time, nearby router, screenshots, and even a picture of your face if you have a webcam!

10.         Absolute DDS

Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) (formerly Absolute Computrace) provides a persistent connection to all endpoints and the data they contain, promoting a more secure school environment and protecting IT assets, Can provide a digital learning experience. With Absolute DDS, the connection is everything. By maintaining a two-way connection with each device, you can assess risks, gain the insights needed to apply remote security measures, protect each endpoint, ensure a safer school environment, and steal Can recover a damaged device. This valuable insight is provided through a cloud-based console that requires no additional IT infrastructure.

  • Calls phone number(s) you specify.
  • Saves owner info on hard disk that can prove ownership of the computer.
  • Survive hard disk formatting.
  • Connect to, which establishes location of the computer.
  • No monitoring fee required.


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